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Documents and Videos:

Documents Produced - most as PDF files

Panui from Kaikoura Star Oct 17 2018. more details on the proposed Taiapure regulations.

June 2018 Newsletter Post earthquake research is starting to report.

December 2017 Newsletter

August 2017 Newsletter

Earthquake NCTIR Consent application 15 Feb 2017

Dec 2016 Newsletter

Ad new rules for Kaikoura DOC and MPI (1,391 KB) October 2014.

Mataitai and Taiapure are in the 5 KML files below. Download and click on them to view in Google Earth, or to get the GPS points.

PeninsulaTaiapure_Te_Taumanu_o_Te_Waka_a_Maui.kml This group of 5 kml files let you see the areas on Google Earth, and have GPS points in them.






Whakatu Quay Rahui_Kaikoura_peninsula_2016.kml

Updated informative booklet put out by DOC and MPI (2,034 KB).

Images of the various reserves pdf file (1,840 KB).

Te Korowai Bill that received its second reading in July 2014 Passed into law on 6th August 2014, with one only change - the review at 10 years rather than 25 years (2,424 KB).

Page of documents and links relating to PM's March 2014 announcement.

Here is a link to a kml file defining the seaward boundary of the proposed reserve, that you can view in google earth. Note that shoreline boudary is approximate only except for the two slipway exclusions which are accurate.

Te Korowai March 2014 Newsletter.

Newsletter September 2013 (902 KB).

Newsletter April 2013 (778 KB).

K.O.R.I. Video of Hectors Dolphins.

K.O.R.I. Video of Squat Lobster, Paua, Crays, Butterfish, Blue cod, Blue moki, fur seal, Hectors dolphin, Dusky dolphin, Orca.

Te Korowai member selection and appointment process (161 KB).

Ad for New Members (17 KB).

Newsletter 10 Dec 2012 (663 KB).

Kaikoura Marine Strategy released October 2012 as pdf (8,854 KB).

Strategy Press release October 2012 as pdf (451 KB).

Summary of decisions and decision table August 2012 as pdf (1,264 KB).

Decisions Press release August 2012 as pdf (287 KB).

Strategy August 2011 as pdf (7,588 KB).

Strategy cover sheet as pdf (592 KB).

Submission letter as pdf (283 KB).

Summary of Strategy as pdf (1256 KB).

Covers of Summary of Strategy as pdf (616 KB).

    High Resolution images from Strategy Document

Composite Map as jpg (6,318 KB).

Figure 10 Proposed World Heritage Status as jpg (5,579 KB).

Figure 11 Proposed Marine Sanctuary as jpg (6,318 KB).

Figure 13 Canyon area proposed for marine reserve as jpg (8,283 KB).

Figure 14 Sprem Whale Sightings 1990-2001 as jpg (5,719 KB).

Figure 15 Canyon Marine Area Connection as jpg (5,747 KB).

Figure 16 Kaikoura Coastal Environments as jpg (5,590 KB).

Figure 17 Waipapa Environment as jpg (9,313 KB).

Figure 18 Kaikoura Environment as jpg (9,844 KB).

Figure 19 Ote Makura (Goose_Bay) Environment as jpg (9,920 KB).

Figure 20 Haumuri Environment as jpg (9,004 KB).

Figure 22 Proposed Mataitai at Mussel Rock as jpg (2,926 KB).

Figure 23 Proposed Mataitai at Mangamanu as jpg (2,246 KB).

Figure 24 Proposed mataitai and Taipure at Oara as jpg (3,725 KB).

Figure 25 Proposed Taiapure at Kaikoura Peninsula as jpg (2,860 KB).

Video Interviews

Video of interview with Peter Lawless - facilitator You Tube link.

Video of interview with Dave Rae and Phil Richardson - Paua divers You Tube link.

Video of interview with Barry Dunnett - Forest and Bird You Tube link.

Video of interview with Mark Solomon - Kaiwhakahaere Ngai Tahu You Tube link.

Video of interview with Richard Craig - recreational fisher You Tube link.

Video of interview with Andrew Baxter - DOC - The science You Tube link.

Video of interview with Maurice Manawatu - Te Runanga o Kaikoura You Tube link.

Video of interview with John Nichols - chairman You Tube link.

Dennis Burrman - tourism operator You Tube link.

Video of interview with John Nichols - on structure You Tube link.

Latest Newsletter Jan 2011

Dec 2010 TK 2 page information brochure

May 2010 Newsletter

Draft submission analysis as pdf (176KB)

Blue Cod Issues Paper as pdf (156KB)

Blue Cod background paper as pdf (289KB)

Sustaining customary practices issues paper as pdf (123KB)

Sustaining customary practices supporting paper as pdf (278KB)

The Canyon issues paper as pdf (101KB)

Protecting and recognising the canyon background paper as pdf (186KB)

Feb 2010 Newsletter 2 March 2010

December 09 newsletter 5 Dec 2009

Flyer explaining Te Korowai's reasons for being pdf (97KB)

Link to Relative abundance, size and age structure, and mortality of blue cod off north Canterbury (BCO 3) in 2007-08 report on MFish website (507KB)

July 2009 Newsletter pdf (527KB)

March 2009 Newsletter pdf (211KB)

Public submission form pdf (166KB) without background graphics

Submissions Analysis (158KB) of submissions received up to 18th June 2008

2nd edition of Charcterisation Report - Low Quality images Full Text and low quality images - version (1.8MB)

2nd edition of Charcterisation Report Full Text and high quality images - version (21.7MB)

Record of Public Forum (369KB) held 27th Feb 2008

Charcterisation Report- medium Full Text and medium quality images - version (4.4MB)

Public submission form as a word document (27KB) without background graphics.

Charcterisation Report - high Full version with full 300dpi images (26MB)

Cover of Characterisation report 1.3MB

Charcterisation Report - Low Full Text and very Low quality images - version (1.1MB)

Kaikoura Literature Review report 7.5MB

BENTHIC HABITATS OFF KAIKOURA - Physical characteristics from side-scan sonar and depth imagery - NIWA report - minus detailed images. 1MB

Details of Bathymetry and Textures from NIWA report

Overview 7.3MB

Peninsula Texture report 1.5MB

Peninsula Bathymetry report 5.9MB

Kowhai Texture report 3.0MB

Kowhai Bathymetry report 3.7MB

Haumuri Texture report 1.1MB

Haumuri Bathymetry report 1.7MB

Goose Bay Texture report 2.2MB

Goose Bay Bathymetry report 3.1MB

Kaikoura Guardians General Presentation Power Point 25.41MB

Coastal Society Conference 2008 PDF with notes 1.757 MB

Coastal Society Conference 2008 Presentation pdf 1.239MB



Government Announcement page March 2014

Kaikoura Marine Strategy 2012

Characterisation Report

Funders of this organisation