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Welcome to Team Korowai

Vision :

Mä te whakapümau i te mauri me te wairua o “Te Tai o
Marokura”, ko mätou ngä kaitiaki o ngä taonga a Tangaroa
kei te arataki i te iwi hapori, ki te whakangaruru i te
momona me te waiora o te ähuatanga o te Taiao, mo ngä
whakatipuranga o aianei me ake tonu ake.

By perpetuating the mauri and wairua (life force
and spirit)
of “Te Tai o Marokura”, (Kaikoura region)
we as kaitiaki (guardians) of Tangaroa’s täonga (the
ocean's treasures)
are leading the community to achieve a
flourishing, rich and healthy environment where opportunities
abound to sustain the needs of present and future generations.

April 2019 Newsletter Mataitai and other matters.

Panui from Kaikoura Star 17 Oct 2018, more details on the proposed Taiapure regulations.

June 2018 Newsletter. Post earthquake research is starting to report.

MPI Facebook livestream of reportback event. Post earthquake research is starting to report.

MPI links to post quake science reportback.

Greame Sinclair did a great feature on Kaikoura and Te Korowai as Episode one, Season 2 of Ocean Bounty

December 2017 Newsletter. End of year roundup.

August 2017 Newsletter. We continue our work with many other groups around earthquake recovery, and balancing the needs of people now and in the future with the needs of the environment that we all ultimately rely upon.

Dec 2016 Newsletter

Ad new rules for Kaikoura DOC and MPI (1,391 KB) October 2014.

The Kaikoura (Te Tai-o-Marokura) Marine Management Bill was signed into law as an Act of Parliament on Wednesday 6th August 2014. The Minister of Conservation Dr Nick Smith and many others attended an official ceremony at the Kiekie reserve on Wednesday 6th August.

The picture on page 3 of the August 6th issue of the Kaikoura Star is incorrectly labelled as the marine reserve. That picture is actually of the Peninsula mataitai area, which is (apart from the rahui) open to recreational fishing.

The real marine reserve is as shown below, with a shoreline length of 1.9km going south from the point inside Barney's Rock (120m east of the Rosie Morn access ramp), with specific exclusions for the two areas used as access ramps at Rosie Morn and at the southern end of the second bay 480m south of the Raramai tunnel, finishing just before the slipway 200 meters northeast of where the Kiekie Stream crosses under State Highway 1.

Here is a link to a kml file defining the seaward boundary of the reserve, that you can view in google earth. Note that shoreline boundary is approximate only except for the two slipway exclusions which are accurate.

Updated DOC / MPI Informative booklet.

Reserve map from Bill July 2014 

Detailed pictures of exactly where the mataitai and taiapure and marine reserves are found here. The mataitai and taiapure reserves are open to recreational fishing, though may be subject to special rules as determined by their governing committees (which have not yet been set up, so there are no special rules at this time).

There is also a small seal sanctuary at Ohau Point. This basically goes from the south end of the car-park around the point to just before the Ohau stream, and goes basically from the roadside out to the low water mark.

Seal sanctuary map from Bill July 2014

Prime Minister John Key announced on 16th March 2014 in Kaikoura that the government had accepted the Kaikoura Marine Strategy and had adopted it in full. The Kaikoura (Te Tai-o-Marokura) Marine Management Bill as been introduced to the House by Hon Dr Nick Smith.

Page of documents and links relating to announcement, including a copy of the modified bill that received its second reading in July, and became law on 6th August 2014.

Te Korowai March 2014 Newsletter.

Newsletter September 2013 (902 KB).

On 27th October 2012 Hon Amy Adams, Minister for the Environment launched the Kaikoura Marine Strategy 2012 at Takahanga marae.

Strategy Press release October 2012 as pdf (451 KB).

The Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura draft marine Strategy August 2011 was launched on Thursday, 1 September 2011.

A Public presentation by NIWA on the Kaikoura Canyon was held in the Kaikoura Memorial Hall and was attended by about 200 people, with great questions and answers. A 2 hour video of that presentation is available if you contact Ted Howard (tktreasurertedhow@gmail.com). A short part of that presentation was a video of the canyon floor which is now available on the NIWA Site http://www.niwa.co.nz/our-science/aquatic-biodiversity-and-biosecurity/news/featured/kaikoura-canyon-seabed-life.

Flyer explaining Te Korowai's reasons for being.

A page with links to various documents and media reports concerning NZ Petroleum & Minerals and Anardarko off our coast.

Financial Support

Anyone interested in supporting us with bequests or donations please contact our treasurer Ted Howard (tktreasurer@gmail.com). We are a registered charity (CC44477) which makes your contribution fully and directly tax deductable.

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